Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The weekend is finally coming!

As of 6:30pm this evening, I'm officially in the single digits of my graduation countdown!  Insert dance break! :)

I turned in my senior thesis.  We had the option of requesting extensive feedback from the professor if we want to know more about how the finished product turned out, so I definitely asked for that.  After working so hard on it, I want to know what she thinks of the completed project as opposed to just sections here and there.  I have to take my Personal Finance exam tomorrow afternoon, but it should be fairly easy.  And then the weekend will finally be here!  Even though it will be spent studying, I'm excited.

After waiting for over a month, I was finally able to watch the newest episode of The Tudors last night.  Remind me why it was a good idea to watch the leaked episodes so far in advance, only to be later burdened with waiting that much longer?  So... I had some more thoughts/reactions/ramblings.

  • Sarah Bolger.  OMIGOD.  I think I love her more with every episode, seriously.  This is the only performance of hers that I've seen, but I intend to keep up with her career after the show ends.  I've said it before and I'll say it again: I desperately wish they were continuing on with the reigns of Henry's children.  As for Edward, eh whatever.  But Mary!  Sarah could do so much with this role and it's tremendously unfair that we'll never get to see more.  And on a superficial note, she is definitely in second place to Natalie Dormer on my list of girl-crushes from The Tudors.
  • And the Mary/Chapuys alliance is still going!  So cute.  I don't really like Eustace historically, but on the show he's okay.  It makes me happy that he continually has her back.
  • Thomas Culpepper... I don't even...  Why does everybody make him so swoon-worthy but despicable at the same time?  I love it and hate it.
  • I'm probably one of the only people alive who sympathizes with both Anne Boleyn and Jane Boleyn historically speaking, and I am not surprised that they are continuing the jealous/bitchy/villianous approach with Jane's character.  Everybody does that, so it's nothing new.  But "peeping tom" Jane?  Just... what.
  • Was Charles Brandon even in this episode?  I think I saw him at a table at one point chatting in the background...
  • Aw!  Little Edward!
  • I usually love Elizabeth, but I am lukewarm on her involvement in the show at this point.  I don't know, she just doesn't seem to fit with the action right now.  Maybe later this season she'll be able to play a more prominent role, but for now it's just moments of "Hey Henry!  Remember this daughter, too!!"
  • Henry and Anne... WHAT. THE. HELL.  That scene was just so weird.  And not to be strange, but did they actually have sex or was there just cuddling?  Because they were both in their PJs...  You have to see sex or nudity on this show to know for certain, I'm not kidding.  For all I know they had sex and then put on nightgowns.  It's just so... odd.
  • I'm a bit confused on the whole anti-Earl of Surrey thing.
  • That ceremony for the Order of the Garter!  Hilarious!  All those men flashing legs with embroidered garters on them made me giggle, I'm sorry.  I can be immature.
  • Poor Henry and his impending old age.  Crisis, much?
  • Ugh.  Un-sexiest place to have sex that I've seen on this show so far.  Like, really?  We're not talking about a bathroom that's been sprayed down with Lysol and whatnot.  That's just sick.
Well I need to get to bed!

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