Sunday, April 11, 2010

In which I share some strange thoughts.

Four weeks left!  14 days left of classes, then three days for final exams.  It feels so good.

Time for me to get weird.  If you've seen (or read) Julie & Julia, then you'll recall the feeling that Julie had that she knew the woman she was writing about and learning from.  You know, when you spend so much time focusing on one person, their life, and their characteristics that you truly feel like you are close to them?  If you don't know what I'm talking about, then just go with me on this.  That's how I feel about my senior thesis.  As if I didn't already love this woman, now I feel even more passionate about her life and who she was.  I feel that way about many people from this time period, but about her especially.  It's just.. crazy.  It's like writing about a friend.  I'm so ridiculously attached at this point that I am actually sad that this project is coming to an end.  As much as I complained about some of the work (mostly the writing process and actually putting my thoughts on the page), I will miss it.  But at least I can continue all the independent study I want and eventually travel to where they lived and try to imagine what their experiences were really like.  It's crazy that it took so much of my college career to get to this point, where I am studying what I love.  And genuinely feeling passionate about it again.  Sometimes the hoop-jumping made me forget why I came here, but it's to do exactly what I'm doing right now.  I'm studying people and places about which I already cared so much in a new way, and that's what I'll miss about this project and about college in general.

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