Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Tonight's episode of LOST was so awesome!  I actually forgot about it until 9:02, which means I didn't go over to my friend's house where I usually watch it.  But I was able to catch it online.  Richard Alpert is one of my favorite characters ever.

But it's ending soon!  We have what, two months before the series finale?  Somebody comfort me.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Lovey dovey post

At the risk of nauseating someone, I'm going to be sappy for a moment.

I'm so glad to have Rob in my life.  Sometimes I don't know what I'd do without his love and support as both a boyfriend and a best friend.  At 5:30am this morning, I was about to have a mini-breakdown because I just felt so incredibly overwhelmed.  Not just with school, but with other personal stuff too.  And I needed to talk to him.  So entirely expecting him to not answer his phone (I assumed it was silent or he'd just sleep through my call), I went ahead and called him just because I needed to.  And to my surprise, he answered.  Just hearing him sound happy to hear from me made me feel so much better.  Then we spent about an hour on the phone.  Mostly I told him about what was upsetting me.  He listened and provided some advice and support.  It was exactly what I needed and I'm so thankful that he was there for me.  And it makes me thankful that he's in my life.  Sometimes he aggravates the hell out of me, and sometimes I drive him absolutely crazy.  But when it all comes down to it, he's a fantastic guy and I'm such a lucky gal.

Thanks, Babe. :-)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Oh, what a night.

So here's how much of a "break" my spring break was: I forgot that it happened.

Right now I'm avoiding any more work on the Midterm Essay of Doom and really wishing I had some caffeine because I suddenly feel very sleepy.  Even my tea selection is all decaf.  I could try to take a short nap and then get up and get back to work, but then I'd run the risk of being too stubborn to get back out of bed and actually write.  For me, it's better to just stay up late and push through than to take a break first and try to rejuvenate.  Odds are I'd realize that sleeping actually is more fun than writing a paper and not get up again until morning.

I'm thinking about doing some kind of fast in the next week or two.  Nothing drastic, just a couple of days to kind of reset after the past few weeks.  I've been suffering tons of stress with school, I haven't been eating very well, my sleeping habits are screwed up, and I've come to a standstill on the regular exercise that I was getting for awhile.  So I can feel like my body could use a little spring cleaning and tuning up.

After some reading, I'm leaning towards the honey water fast.  Honey is my new health obsession lately, so it would be just another use for it!  Basically it's three days of putting honey into plain water or any type of tea and consuming just those options, abstaining from solid foods.  Surprisingly, that's not the part that intimidates me. I'm actually more worried about breaking the fast.  I could potentially make myself very sick while reintroducing solid food, even after only three days.  I've read that a good rule of thumb is that breaking your fast will probably take about half as long as the fast itself, if not longer.  And what foods you choose to eat immediately after are crucial because the digestive system is now used to cleaning rather than digesting, which is intimidating!  So far the general consensus seems to be that the first meals should consist of fresh fruit, but I haven't read much about which fruits would be best.  I'd imagine that fruits which contain the most water would be ideal because the body still needs the hydration.  And as far as vegetables go, lettuce could be a good choice.  And that's good, because I love lettuce!  Avoiding salt would be a bit difficult during the first few days.

Fasting for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday would probably be a good way for me to do it.  Then I could break the fast over the weekend, so if I felt ill at all at least I could stay home rather than be suffering in class. I'll have to read up more to find out how to best prepare my body for a fast, how to carry it out, and how to break it properly.

Now it's back to the Essay of Doom!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

More Tudors stuff!

So the first two episodes of the new season of The Tudors have leaked online!  And of course I've already watched them.  Here are some thoughts I had (if you watch the show and don't want to be spoiled, skip this post!)

  • Kitty Howard seriously needs to stop with the giggling.  NOT EVERYTHING SAID IN CLOSE PROXIMITY TO YOU IS FUNNY.  But I have a feeling she won't be giggling much longer ifyouknowwhatImean.
  • Thomas Culpepper has some pretty eyes.
  • But he is a total creeper/rapist/murderer/jerk.  Did I mention creeper?
  • Lancing leg wounds.  DO NOT WANT.
  • I don't remember the premiere of season 3 very well, but isn't this the first season premiere where nobody died a horribly violent death?  They mentioned four executions numerous times, but nobody actually died onscreen.  Unusual.  Oh wait I forgot... Culpepper and his sword of forest murder.  Nevermind then.  Or was that in the second episode?  Oh, well.
  • Heads on pikes next to the food market.  POOR CHOICE OF LOCATION, FARMERS.
  • Henry Cavill's hair is just... odd.  I get that he and Henry need to appear older, but it looks bizarre.
  • And Charles Brandon isn't getting laid left and right?  Even Patchy was having sex all over the place last season!  I call bullshit.
  • Speaking of Patchy, Edward Seymour's harlot wife has questionable taste in men.
  • Fitzy from The Departed is playing the Earl of Surrey.  Crazy!
  • Sarah Bolger is amazing, gorgeous, fantastic, fierce, etc. etc.  She desperately needs her own spin-off.
  • Joss Stone's accent.  Blegh.
  • Thomas Culpepper and Jane Boleyn?  Wtf random.
  • Henry has really lost it if puppet shows are now considered foreplay.
  • Puppies!  Too cute.
  • Elizabeth I is obviously way too old in the first episode.  I'm assuming it takes place some time in the last half of 1540, which would make her absolutely no older than seven years old.  This actress looks like a preteen.
  • Jane Boleyn, you of all people should know that the queen can't be hooking up with anyone else.
  • This mourning of Cromwell is very random, Henry.
  • I can't wait for more episodes!
Take care!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


These earrings are morbid and hot pink and I WANT THEM.

Image credit to pretentiousjewelry on Etsy.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Random updates about school and yarn

There are only 52 days until graduation.  I absolutely cannot wait.  This semester has been so brutal!  And it's only going to get worse, unfortunately.  Most of my writing assignments are all piled up at the end of the semester, which means that I have roughly 50 pages of writing to do before it all ends!

My senior thesis is going well so far.  I have a meeting on Monday to discuss it with my professor, and hopefully I'll get some positive feedback.  If only this were the only thing I have to do this semester.  I'd be in heaven!

On a lighter note, I've been looking at yarn on lately and I WANT TO BUY SO MUCH.  I love looking at all of the cool color combinations that sellers have come up with.  And it makes me want to learn how to dye yarn myself!  It can be done with something as simple as Kool-Aid or Wilton icing coloring (which I have a ton of!), but I'm not sure if there are certain fibers that can't be dyed.  Like I love working with acrylics, if only because they don't need blocking.  But can I color them myself?  I'll have to look into it.  I found some superwash merino wool on that can be dyed, so maybe I can buy a skein to experiment with when I get a chance.

And I've been keeping an eye on the Yarn Sales group at Ravelry because I really, really, REALLY want to try some Malabrigo.  I just missed a really good sale the other day!  I also need some Noro for Mom's Christmas gift, and I'd love to get it on sale if I can.  Both Noro and Malabrigo are a bit more expensive than I'd like.

I also have some fingering weight yarn that I bought a few weeks ago and have no idea what to do with it.  I liked the colors a lot more before I tried knitting with it.  Maybe I'll make a small shawl for my Nana, something that can be wrapped around as a scarf?  I really don't want to buy any more of it, so I'll have to search for something suitable that will use up as much as possible.

Since I'll be moving to Orlando in August, I'm going to try and get as many Christmas gifts together as possible before I leave.  This way, I won't have to ship tons of gifts home from FL.  I'm sure that I will find a couple of gifts for people while I'm there, though.  But I already know what I want to make for my Mom and Robert.  So I'm going to try and finish those over the summer!  Unfortunately I can't post my ideas here, because the surprises could be spoiled. ;-)

I'm learning how to use double-pointed needles!  They're not as intimidating as I thought they'd be.  I'm still getting used to the feel of juggling 4-5 needles at one time, though.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Season 4 of The Tudors

I can't even tell you how excited I am.  But at the same time, I'm really bummed that the show is ending.  It's one of the only three I keep up with (LOST and The Office being the other two) and LOST and The Tudors are both finished this year.  :-(  But enough sad talk!  I brought some videos.

Here is the Behind-the-Scenes video:

And the official trailer for this season:

I miss Natalie Dormer so much.  And I can't wait for the reunion of the Zombie Wives.  It's too bad they aren't continuing with Henry's children and their reigns.  Sarah Bolger is so amazing, and I'd love to see more of her playing Mary I.

Have a great day!