Saturday, March 20, 2010

More Tudors stuff!

So the first two episodes of the new season of The Tudors have leaked online!  And of course I've already watched them.  Here are some thoughts I had (if you watch the show and don't want to be spoiled, skip this post!)

  • Kitty Howard seriously needs to stop with the giggling.  NOT EVERYTHING SAID IN CLOSE PROXIMITY TO YOU IS FUNNY.  But I have a feeling she won't be giggling much longer ifyouknowwhatImean.
  • Thomas Culpepper has some pretty eyes.
  • But he is a total creeper/rapist/murderer/jerk.  Did I mention creeper?
  • Lancing leg wounds.  DO NOT WANT.
  • I don't remember the premiere of season 3 very well, but isn't this the first season premiere where nobody died a horribly violent death?  They mentioned four executions numerous times, but nobody actually died onscreen.  Unusual.  Oh wait I forgot... Culpepper and his sword of forest murder.  Nevermind then.  Or was that in the second episode?  Oh, well.
  • Heads on pikes next to the food market.  POOR CHOICE OF LOCATION, FARMERS.
  • Henry Cavill's hair is just... odd.  I get that he and Henry need to appear older, but it looks bizarre.
  • And Charles Brandon isn't getting laid left and right?  Even Patchy was having sex all over the place last season!  I call bullshit.
  • Speaking of Patchy, Edward Seymour's harlot wife has questionable taste in men.
  • Fitzy from The Departed is playing the Earl of Surrey.  Crazy!
  • Sarah Bolger is amazing, gorgeous, fantastic, fierce, etc. etc.  She desperately needs her own spin-off.
  • Joss Stone's accent.  Blegh.
  • Thomas Culpepper and Jane Boleyn?  Wtf random.
  • Henry has really lost it if puppet shows are now considered foreplay.
  • Puppies!  Too cute.
  • Elizabeth I is obviously way too old in the first episode.  I'm assuming it takes place some time in the last half of 1540, which would make her absolutely no older than seven years old.  This actress looks like a preteen.
  • Jane Boleyn, you of all people should know that the queen can't be hooking up with anyone else.
  • This mourning of Cromwell is very random, Henry.
  • I can't wait for more episodes!
Take care!

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