Sunday, March 21, 2010

Oh, what a night.

So here's how much of a "break" my spring break was: I forgot that it happened.

Right now I'm avoiding any more work on the Midterm Essay of Doom and really wishing I had some caffeine because I suddenly feel very sleepy.  Even my tea selection is all decaf.  I could try to take a short nap and then get up and get back to work, but then I'd run the risk of being too stubborn to get back out of bed and actually write.  For me, it's better to just stay up late and push through than to take a break first and try to rejuvenate.  Odds are I'd realize that sleeping actually is more fun than writing a paper and not get up again until morning.

I'm thinking about doing some kind of fast in the next week or two.  Nothing drastic, just a couple of days to kind of reset after the past few weeks.  I've been suffering tons of stress with school, I haven't been eating very well, my sleeping habits are screwed up, and I've come to a standstill on the regular exercise that I was getting for awhile.  So I can feel like my body could use a little spring cleaning and tuning up.

After some reading, I'm leaning towards the honey water fast.  Honey is my new health obsession lately, so it would be just another use for it!  Basically it's three days of putting honey into plain water or any type of tea and consuming just those options, abstaining from solid foods.  Surprisingly, that's not the part that intimidates me. I'm actually more worried about breaking the fast.  I could potentially make myself very sick while reintroducing solid food, even after only three days.  I've read that a good rule of thumb is that breaking your fast will probably take about half as long as the fast itself, if not longer.  And what foods you choose to eat immediately after are crucial because the digestive system is now used to cleaning rather than digesting, which is intimidating!  So far the general consensus seems to be that the first meals should consist of fresh fruit, but I haven't read much about which fruits would be best.  I'd imagine that fruits which contain the most water would be ideal because the body still needs the hydration.  And as far as vegetables go, lettuce could be a good choice.  And that's good, because I love lettuce!  Avoiding salt would be a bit difficult during the first few days.

Fasting for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday would probably be a good way for me to do it.  Then I could break the fast over the weekend, so if I felt ill at all at least I could stay home rather than be suffering in class. I'll have to read up more to find out how to best prepare my body for a fast, how to carry it out, and how to break it properly.

Now it's back to the Essay of Doom!

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