Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Random updates about school and yarn

There are only 52 days until graduation.  I absolutely cannot wait.  This semester has been so brutal!  And it's only going to get worse, unfortunately.  Most of my writing assignments are all piled up at the end of the semester, which means that I have roughly 50 pages of writing to do before it all ends!

My senior thesis is going well so far.  I have a meeting on Monday to discuss it with my professor, and hopefully I'll get some positive feedback.  If only this were the only thing I have to do this semester.  I'd be in heaven!

On a lighter note, I've been looking at yarn on Etsy.com lately and I WANT TO BUY SO MUCH.  I love looking at all of the cool color combinations that sellers have come up with.  And it makes me want to learn how to dye yarn myself!  It can be done with something as simple as Kool-Aid or Wilton icing coloring (which I have a ton of!), but I'm not sure if there are certain fibers that can't be dyed.  Like I love working with acrylics, if only because they don't need blocking.  But can I color them myself?  I'll have to look into it.  I found some superwash merino wool on Knitpicks.com that can be dyed, so maybe I can buy a skein to experiment with when I get a chance.

And I've been keeping an eye on the Yarn Sales group at Ravelry because I really, really, REALLY want to try some Malabrigo.  I just missed a really good sale the other day!  I also need some Noro for Mom's Christmas gift, and I'd love to get it on sale if I can.  Both Noro and Malabrigo are a bit more expensive than I'd like.

I also have some fingering weight yarn that I bought a few weeks ago and have no idea what to do with it.  I liked the colors a lot more before I tried knitting with it.  Maybe I'll make a small shawl for my Nana, something that can be wrapped around as a scarf?  I really don't want to buy any more of it, so I'll have to search for something suitable that will use up as much as possible.

Since I'll be moving to Orlando in August, I'm going to try and get as many Christmas gifts together as possible before I leave.  This way, I won't have to ship tons of gifts home from FL.  I'm sure that I will find a couple of gifts for people while I'm there, though.  But I already know what I want to make for my Mom and Robert.  So I'm going to try and finish those over the summer!  Unfortunately I can't post my ideas here, because the surprises could be spoiled. ;-)

I'm learning how to use double-pointed needles!  They're not as intimidating as I thought they'd be.  I'm still getting used to the feel of juggling 4-5 needles at one time, though.

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