Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Beginnings of Summer. a.k.a. Historian for Hire!

Wow.  I've totally ignored this blog!  I haven't posted here since before final exams started, which isn't entirely unusual but I have a couple of things I could have blogged about during that time.

I'm a college graduate!  That's right, historian for hire!  Or whatever.

Several of my relatives flew/drove into town for the ceremony, and we all had a pretty great visit while they were here.  It's too bad we can't all get together more often.

So now I'm staying with my parents for the summer before I leave for Orlando.  I kinda miss the privacy I had back at the apartment.  Not that my parents are all that invasive, but there's definitely a lack of the personal space that I was used to when I lived with Sarah and Kellie.  Plus I feel a bit cluttered because I'm in storage limbo here.  I'm slowly moving out of the apartment while cleaning out my stuff here at the same time.  So there are boxes and suitcases everywhere I turn.  And there's still a bunch of my stuff that will need to be packed up, moved, or purged.

This leads me to another point.  I'm in this weird hesitant mode lately.  There are projects or activities that I want/need to start, but I keep hesitating.  A few examples:
- Cleaning out my room.  I know that I have lots of time, but I really don't want to start.  It's just such a daunting task.
- Running.  Granted I need to finally pick out which shoes I want as a belated birthday gift before I can actually continue working on my running.  But that right there is another example.
- Knitting.  I have all of these projects in my head that I want to start, but I can't pick just one to begin.  "Ooh, I want to knit more hats!  Wait, I want to do a bajillion pairs of fingerless mitts!  But I think I may be ready to try socks, so maybe I should do that.  And I really want to learn how to sew buttons onto my work!"  Etc., etc.  Although I did just finish a hat for Rob and some mitts for my mom.  So it's not totally hopeless.
- Netflix.  Weird, right?  My queues for DVD and Watch Instantly are both very long but I just can't seem to make myself watch anything.  Right now I have a documentary on the Titanic and The Invention of Lying sitting by the DVD player.  And we just started up the Watch Instantly on my parents' Wii.  I have plenty to watch, I don't know why I don't do it.

Is it just hesitation to start new things?  Laziness?  Maybe I'm transferring my habit of procrastinating into real-life stuff now that I don't have schoolwork to do.  Whatever the reason is, I'd like to stop feeling so lethargic about accomplishing these tasks or even working on projects about which I'm excited.  I'm ready to get started with my summer!

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