Monday, April 5, 2010

Oh my goodness!

So I'm sitting here working, working, working on my thesis (yup, another all-nighter!) and it hit me just how little time is left for me in college.  Well, at least with undergrad.  But let's not kill my buzz. :-)

Anyway, I've thought about it several times but it seemed like a revelation tonight anyway.

I have five weeks left of school.  Five weeks between me and my diploma.
22 days left of classes/finals (34 days counting weekends and non-class days).
Less than 850 hours?
Three book responses, one research paper, one huge test, four final exams, and the final draft of my senior thesis.  That means roughly... 34 pages to write for various assignments, including revisions.

It seems like so little but so much at the same time!  Well, now I need to stop counting and get back to writing/editing.


toan said...

At least with undergrad? You planning on grad work?

Also, that's kinda wild. I want to be done already, but you know how close I am with my blog postings. XD

Anna said...

I think graduate work is in my future *somewhere*. But if I think about that now, it makes finishing this semester feel less wonderful.

Mistymay said...

Thanks for following your my first ever follower!! And it seems like a mountain of work but its like your looking at it from above so it doesn't seem as bad