Friday, April 2, 2010

Bedroom post!

I've been thinking about what to bring with me to Orlando.  Originally I was going to bring the sheets, pillows, and comforter that I have at my apartment here and just leave my room at my parents' house the way it is.  Then I was visiting them recently and it hit me how messy my bedroom there is.  There is junk everywhere (I am a notorious packrat) and the whole room desperately needs to be cleaned out.  And this is pretty gross, but I'm pretty sure there are bugs living in the closet because it hasn't been properly cleaned since I moved out in 2008.  Shockingly, this makes me even less eager to clean it. :-/  Plus, I've basically had all of the same furniture since I was 11 (some of it is actually older than I am) so it could stand to be updated.  The last time I even moved anything around was in 2005 when we re-carpeted.

So anyway my parents and I chatted about it and we're going to work on re-doing the bedroom this summer. They already have a guest room, so they don't intend to do anything different with it in the near future.  The first goal is to clean out the room extensively... bugs and all.  Then we plan to paint it.  Pink is still my favorite color, but my bedroom has been light pink for more than a decade (mostly out of laziness) and it's definitely not appropriate for my age.  I still want it to be a bright color though.  I'm thinking maybe a nice blue-green.  Then we're going to get rid of the bed I have there and most likely replace it with the one I have here in the apartment.  That way we won't have to store it while I'm in FL, and I still get to keep it!  The mattress is the most comfortable ever, so I don't want to part with it yet!  And I'm too cheap to go for an upgrade for my bedroom at my parents' house; I'll just save the moolah for a bigger bed for wherever I move later.

I'm kind of excited to be changing the room so much.  The only thing I'm not looking forward to is the cleaning.  Not too keen on bug encounters and having to part with massive amounts of knick-knacks.


toan said...

Cool stuff there; when we moved this past summer and I got a whole new room, I decided to go for almost a minimalist approach. I don't really intend to be living at home anymore, so the room there has just my parent's old queen-sized bed (they upgraded to a king), and two nightstands. Literally, that's it.

I mean, I own more, and there's a few boxes of books and magazines in closets and the attic, but when I visit home it's more of a short stay, so why not make the room more accommodating for guests too?

Meanwhile, in Atlanta, I have all my electronic toys, a full-size bed, a futon couch, and a few other pieces of furniture.

I worry about furnishing a home for realsies when I graduate... :S

Anna said...

Well like I said, there already is a guest room! And I have no idea how long my parents intend to keep the house, but it definitely needs to be cleaned up for whenever they try to sell it. So basically it will be my room when I'm a guest. :)