Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Justice khakis.

Ugh.  My favorite pair (okay let's be honest... my only pair) of khaki pants ripped beyond discretion.  I loved the way they fit and how comfortable they were.  So I'm on the hunt for some new khaki pants.  I have my eye on a pair that I remember from Old Navy, but I'm going to be looking around anyway.  A good pair of pants can be expensive, so I want to put some thought into the decision.

Leave it to me to overthink purchasing pants.

And the title obviously comes from the first episode of How I Met Your Mother.


toan said...

Egads. No worries, though - I do the same thing and overthink the small stuff.

Wanted to ask - do you regularly keep up with HIMYM? It's got to be my favorite show on TV right now. :)

Anna said...

I don't keep up with it personally. But one of my roommates has been watching A LOT of it lately, so I've overheard some episodes.