Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Boo to You!

It has been forever since I've written in my blog!

Pretty much life as usual.  I ended up dropping my Senior Seminar and registered to take it next semester.  This wasn't what I wanted, but my thesis project just got too big and messy, and it couldn't possibly be finished in time and be something of which I'd be proud.  But I'll be doing it next semester, and should still graduate in May with no problems!  :-D

This past weekend, I went with my boyfriend and my sister to Walt Disney World for Halloween!  It was so awesome!  I only wish we could have had more time, because there was so much to do and see at the Halloween party (Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party, to be exact).  I want to do it again in the next couple of years, but as part of a larger trip.

I've been learning to knit!  My roommate is really good at it, and she taught me some of the basics a couple of months ago so that I could get started.  Since then, I've been building up a "stash" and working on some simple beginner's projects.  A lot of people are probably getting knitted goods for Christmas, haha.

Oh, I can't wait for the Christmas season!  And I can't believe that it's November already.  Now if only it would snow.

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