Sunday, August 16, 2009

Starting senior year!

Tomorrow begins the first day of my senior year of college.  That's right, I'm outta here come May, and with my degree in tow!!  May 8th, to be precise.  That means only 265 days left until I graduate.  I think the last day of exams is May 6th, so there's no telling when I'll officially be done with classes.  So I'll just countdown to the date of my graduation ceremony.  Assuming nothing goes wrong!!  I'm so worried that requirements will pop up that I haven't fulfilled.  I'm hoping to go talk to my advisor about it tomorrow.  I'm a worrier, so I want to make absolutely sure that I'm not missing anything at this point.

Here are the requirements that I have left to fulfill to get my degree (as I know them):
Senior Seminar - 3 hours
Remaining History classes - 9 hours
Electives - 14 hours

That's right, I have more elective credits to fill up then History classes!  (My major is History, in case you didn't know.)  This irks me a bit; I could be graduating in one semester if not for those requirements.  Oh, well.  So my semester for this year is mainly filled up with crap electives, and then my Senior Seminar.  I really, really want this semester to go well.  Here is my tentative schedule as it is right now.  All Monday/Wednesday/Friday classes.  This will be both a blessing and a curse, I know.

9:05-9:55am  Consumers in Society
10:10-11am  Intro to Anthropology
11:15-12:05pm  Senior Seminar
12:20-1:10pm  Principles of Advertising
1:25-2:15pm  Classical Mythology

I know that by the time 2:15 rolls around on MWF, I'll feel like dying most days.  It's like a flashback to my very first semester as a freshman, except without the biology labs.  I'm going to have to figure out a schedule for eating in between.  Most likely I can bring a sandwich and something to drink for my main lunch, and then try to get small snacks in as well.  So if I keep this schedule, that means that in the spring I'll only have to take three upper-divisional History classes and then one elective.

I'm most nervous about my Seminar.  I basically have to write my senior thesis, and didn't want to wait until the semester of graduation to do it.  The professor is one I've never had before, and I've heard she's tough!  Here's hoping that everything goes well for me this semester!  And to all of my friends starting school this week, Good Luck!!

~ Anna

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